Important Dental Insight on Chewing Gum

  If you wish to enhance your oral health care through saliva production, one aspect you can take or consider is chewing sugarless gum after meals. By doing so, you can help produce saliva that will neutralize harmful acids and debris in your mouth. Thus, chewing sugarless gum is beneficial to your oral health. One… Read more »

Simple Steps to a Tooth-Healthy Holiday

The holiday season is upon us, and that makes it more important than ever to keep your mouth clean. Nobody wants to be self-conscious about their smile for holiday pictures, and definitely no one wants to add “taking care of a cavity” to their holiday to-do list! Here are some great tips to help make… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions?

There are two different types of tooth extraction treatments available: simple and surgical tooth extractions. These treatments are usually needed when you have a severely decayed tooth, when you have an extremely damaged tooth, when a tooth is harming your smile, or when there just isn’t enough room in your jaw for the other teeth…. Read more »

A Partial Denture Can Help Replace the Presence of Multiple Teeth Lost to Severe Tooth Decay

Failing to maintain consistent good oral hygiene practices can promote cavities on multiple teeth. If you further opt not to have the tooth decay professionally treated, it could lead to multiple cases of tooth loss. Of course, this can significantly impair your ability to bite and chew food. If the teeth were located in the… Read more »

How to Know if You Have Dry Mouth

While dry mouth is a generally known condition, it’s not classified as a disease. The state is a result of the salivary glands making insufficient amounts of saliva, and as a result, multiple adverse side effects are developed. Learn a little bit more about dry mouth by reviewing this blog post we’ve put together. You… Read more »

The Virtues of Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns

Dental veneers and dental crowns have many virtues. With a set of dental veneers, you can protect or conceal the fronts of your teeth to create a gorgeous smile. For an added level of protection, dental crowns can cover all sides of a tooth down to the gum line. Dental crowns center on a combination… Read more »

Why Bad Breath Should Not Be Ignored

While bad breath is unpleasant to deal with, it is worse to ignore it. Many things can cause bad breath, and those things are generally not good for your oral health either. Let’s look at some ways we can address some common causes of bad smelling breath and improving your oral health along the way…. Read more »

Should You Get a Composite Filling?

The location of a cavity in your mouth can determine what kind of filling you will receive. For example, an amalgam or gold filling will work well for a molar that must withstand the pressure of chewing. But what about a filling that is located in a tooth that will be visible to other people?… Read more »

A Tooth Fractured by Night Grinding Needs to Be Repaired by a Dentist

Grinding your teeth at night be caused by chronic stress. If you fail to resolve the situation in a reasonable amount of time the grinding motion and clenching can start to affect the biting surfaces of your teeth. This is even more likely to be an issue for the biting surfaces of the molars and… Read more »

Moderate Size Dental Caries Can Often be Repaired with a Dental Filling

As poor oral hygiene causes plaque acids to build up in your mouth, it can gradually start to affect your tooth enamel. As time goes on contoured areas and textured spots can start to experience demineralization. These dental caries or cavities can cause increasing discomfort, sensitivity, and a noticeable change in the surface texture of… Read more »