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Bacteria is a hungry, yellow monster that lives in your mouth, hiding between your teeth and sneaking around the gum line—just waiting for you to drink a soda or eat candy. The name of this monster is Plaque. The more you feed him, the bigger he grows. Plaque has an even nastier girlfriend. Her name is Gingivitis (she’s not from here). She gives birth to millions more little monsters that burrow beneath the gum line. Making their beds in little pockets they create, resting their yellow heads against the roots of your teeth, dreaming of infection.

What can you do? Fight the monsters daily! The weapons you wield are fluoride, the toothbrush, and floss. You can also make regular pilgrimages to your dentist to eradicate even more of the monsters. But the enemy is strong. He will keep coming back to terrorize your teeth if you are not wary. Is there anything else you can do? Yes, there is! You must starve the monster.

Their favorite food is sugar. Eliminate that from your diet and they cannot multiply as quickly. This will give you the advantage. Reducing sugar is a good idea for your own body’s health as well as your teeth. The problem is that there is sugar in most foods, and some foods even add more sugar to make it even tastier and addictive–luring you back for more. You must be strong, watchful, and wise. Be on the lookout for sugary additives on the labels of your food and learn which ones to avoid. Any item that has one of these sugars in the first few ingredients is an ally of the monster!

-cane sugar
-fruit juice concentrate
-confectioners’ or powdered sugar
-raw sugar
-corn sweeteners
-corn syrup
-maple syrup
-crystallized cane sugar
-malt syrup
-invert sugar
-evaporated cane juice
-high fructose corn syrup
-fruit juice concentrate
-turbinado sugar
-brown sugar

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