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An unfortunate experience that pretty much everyone has had the displeasure of enduring is commonly referred to as “pizza palate.” If you don’t immediately recognize what it is by the name, let me explain.

You’re enjoying an evening out at the pizzeria with friends. The waiter brings to the table a mouth-watering, extra-large pizza just dripping with cheese and pepperoni. As he lays the plate at the table’s center, all are ready to spring into action—poised at the edge of their seats. You are too quick for them and snag the coveted first slice, stuffing your face with a giant mouthful before the others have had time to blink. Victory is yours! Milliseconds later, triumph turns into horror as you frantically huff and puff, hands fanning futilely at your open mouth, eyes watering, searching for a glass of root beer to douse the flames. Your so-called “friends” try and hide their smiles, secretly pleased at your pain. Justice has been served with extra cheese.

Even though burning one’s palate frequently happens with other types of hot foods and beverages as well, pizza seems to be the most common food item when it occurs and the one that most people remember first. Thus, the reason why it gets the monicker.

It can take up to a week for these types of burns to heal, although mouth wounds can heal very quickly. The side-effects of a palate burn can be:
-Tenderness of the roof (palate) of the mouth
-A blister may appear
-Area will feel raw and swollen
-Redness of affected area
-Whitish areas appear where healing

If you’ve burned your palate and would like to see someone, call Dr. Gemma Dalton for more information. Please contact Gemma Tanglao Dalton, DDS to make an appointment at: 817-571-1667, or come by our office in Bedford, Texas.