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Mouth guards make good defenses when you are playing sports, but if you do not keep them clean, they are not very helpful for you. Not cleaning your mouth guard can invite bacterial and fungal infections to party in your mouth. However, if you take these steps to sanitize your mouth guard, you can bar these infections from getting inside.

The first step is to wash the guard using soap and water. You might balk or laugh at this at first, but if you actually brush the mouth guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste, you can clear out debris from the mouth guard. We also urge you to brush it both before and after you wear it. You should also wash it with soap and water on a regular basis to more thoroughly protect your mouth.

We also have an important tidbit regarding protective cases for the mouth guard. Make sure the carrying case has ventilation, which will allow the mouth guard to dry. Leftover moisture on the mouth guard permits bacteria to grow more easily. Keeping it dry staggers this growth.

If you hold to these tips, you should be able to focus on the game and not worry about your mouth getting sick. If should ever need our help for any reason, you can find us here at our office in Bedford, Texas. Dr. Gemma Dalton, our dentist, is at your service. To contact us, call 817-571-1667.