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There are two different types of tooth extraction treatments available: simple and surgical tooth extractions. These treatments are usually needed when you have a severely decayed tooth, when you have an extremely damaged tooth, when a tooth is harming your smile, or when there just isn’t enough room in your jaw for the other teeth. To help you know more about these extractions, our dentist, Dr. Gemma Dalton, is happy to share some details.

A simple tooth extraction is practical when the tooth is above the gumline and is easy to remove. Your dentist will usually use a local anesthetic and light sedation to help you feel comfortable in the dental chair. Sometimes the treatment can turn into a surgical extraction, like if there are complications during the treatment. This could happen if a piece of the tooth breaks off because the tooth will need to be removed in pieces.

A surgical tooth extraction is practical if the tooth is below the gumline and has not erupted through the gums. This is a common treatment for wisdom teeth. Your dentist needs to access the tooth by opening or removing the gum tissue above it. Then, she will cut through bone and tissue to extract it. Your dentist will likely numb the mouth with an anesthetic and help you through the appointment with a heavy sedative.

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