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While bad breath is unpleasant to deal with, it is worse to ignore it. Many things can cause bad breath, and those things are generally not good for your oral health either. Let’s look at some ways we can address some common causes of bad smelling breath and improving your oral health along the way. Our Gemma Tanglao Dalton, DDS team in Bedford, Texas, would like to address dry mouth, oral infections, and tobacco use and how they affect your breath.

With fall in the air, respiratory illnesses are on the rise. Sinus infections are particularly odious when it comes to the breath, as they become plugged up with mucus. To drain them, you need to open them which relieves the pressure around your eyes. Using saline sprays, allergy remedies, nasal steroids and increasing hydration to thin the mucus can offer relief from bad breath.

Dry mouth is an oral condition that is notorious for causing bad smelling breath. You see, sufficient levels of saliva are needed to rinse away bacterial residue from your mouth. You can find yourself with lowered saliva levels if you drink lots of soda, tea or coffee, thanks to the diuretic effects of caffeine. Lowered saliva levels can also happen when you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose because of congestion or using antihistamines. So keep your saliva supplied with the moisture it needs, drink lots of fluids, especially water. You can stimulate saliva production by chewing sugarless gum or snacking on fresh apples or celery slices.

Tobacco in any form dries out the oral cavity, and cause bad smelling breath. If you can quit this habit, your overall health will improve as well as your breath. Even switching to vaping can eliminate the effects of tobacco on the mouth. Increasing your daily brushing and flossing game, along with rinsing well to get rid of bacterial debris and staying hydrated will go a long way to ensure better oral health and breath.

Ignoring bad breath doesn’t make it go away, and usually, the problem just gets worse. Address the issue, and not only your breath will improve but your oral health will too! Please give us a call at 817-571-1667 if you have any questions for our team. Our dentist, Dr. Gemma Dalton is here to help you have the healthiest smile possible!