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With the root of each tooth lies the all-important pulp. However, if the pulp of a tooth is damaged, it is still possible to save the tooth. However, the pulp must be removed through a process called root canal therapy. Listed below are some common facts about root canals:

— As is the case with an overkill of normal health care services, multiple treatments for a single tooth will eventually wear down a tooth and cause pulp damage, especially if tooth enamel is removed for each procedure.

— In some cases, multiple treatments can open your pulp up to unpredicted damage and diseases, at which point, the pulp must be removed.

— A root canal treatment is required if the pulp of a tooth must be removed due to infection, disease, decay, or other damage.

— Although teeth are strong, blunt trauma and severe blows to your jaw can easily knock out multiple teeth or even seriously damage them down to the pulp, which oftentimes requires root canal treatments.

— Most causes of pulp damage come in the form of oral accidents and injuries, which require root canals.

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